Handmade Ceramics Perth


Buy handmade ceramics direct from the artist in Perth, WA. Shop handcrafted pottery homewares and sculptures locally in Subiaco.

Discover a range of ceramic bowls, ceramic platters, ceramic mugs, ceramic tea cups, ceramic plates, ceramic egg cups, ceramic jewellery boxes, ceramic tea lights, ceramic sculptures and ceramic jellyfish air plants. Visit the pottery shop where ceramics are handmade and fired on site. Meet the ceramicist potter and view the ceramic store stock.

Every piece is made by artist Marianne Annereau from ceramic stoneware or porcelain. She creates artworks in her home studio where she has a kiln that fires all the creations to 1,280°. Marianne works with a variety of clay types including stoneware, porcelain and highly textured clay bodies.

“I enjoy whimsical, ornamental designs. My pieces are hand built as well as wheel-turned. I like to cross over sculpture with functional ware.” - Marianne


Getting to the Handmade Ceramics Shop Perth

228 Heytesbury Rd Subiaco, Perth Western Australia map link

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm Look for the house with the bus on the verge. Ring the bell when you arrive.

Saturday: 10:30am-12:30pm

Handmade Ceramics Shop Perth

Handmade Ceramics Shop Perth

Handmade Pottery Shop Perth

Handmade Pottery Shop Perth