Marianne Annereau Ceramics Perth Western Australia is situated in the suburb of Subiaco.

Marianne creates handmade ceramic homewares and sculptures alongside her two kids, husband and adored pets: the dingo dog and the rainbow lorikeet.

Marianne’s pottery pieces are often geometric in design. They display original motifs that come from quiet places such as: hot air balloons, jellyfish, stingrays, puzzles, eggs and umbrellas. She employs a variety of decorative techniques including:

  • Screen printing

  • Imprinting

  • Slip trailing

  • Under glaze and glaze decorating

  • Sprigging

  • Collograph printing

  • Mixing clay bodies

  • Casting

  • Multi-firing

  • Mocha Diffusion

  • Sgraffito

  • Mishima

  • Inlay

You can buy handmade ceramic pieces direct from the artist on weekdays in Subiaco. Or at the online shop.