Marianne creates handmade ceramic homewares and sculptures alongside adored pets: the dingo dog and the rainbow lorikeet.

Marianne’s pottery pieces are often geometric in design. They display original motifs that come from quiet places such as: hot air balloons, jellyfish, stingrays, puzzles, eggs and australiana. She employs a variety of decorative techniques including:

  • Screen printing

  • Imprinting

  • Slip trailing

  • Under glaze and glaze decorating

  • Sprigging

  • Collograph printing

  • Mixing clay bodies

  • Casting

  • Multi-firing

  • Mocha Diffusion

  • Sgraffito

  • Mishima

  • Inlay

You can buy handmade ceramic pieces direct from the artist on weekdays in Subiaco. Or at the online shop.

Marianne Annereau Ceramics Perth Western Australia is situated in the suburb of Subiaco.


From the Artist

My mother enrolled me in a pottery class when my babies were small. 👶👶 She insisted I leave my small children with her and have some creative time to myself. I continued taking classes once a week for several years at my local community centre.

I set myself a project: to replace all my kmart kitchen ware, plates, bowls and cups with my own handmade designs. 🍶🍵☕🍧🍨🍮🍜🍲🍚

I began wanting to produce more items than I could make in a weekly class. I bought myself a kiln in 2018 and started making ceramic pieces in my small laundry. Around the same time my day job as a photographer for Google Street View was finishing up, I began selling ceramics to customers.

I moved my clay working station into a professional studio. I now work with clay (obsessively) full time.

Through ceramics I also developed an obsession with air plants. I built a greenhouse where I nurse air plants ready to mount on ceramic air planters. 🌿🌾🍃

Because I work alone, I don't have any colleagues to chat with. But when an online order comes through, I feel like someone out there is working with me, just by adopting my quirky creations.📦📦 When I see return customers in person or online it makes my day.

Please leave me feedback via comments or messages, your encouragement ignites a spark in my heart. 💖