How to Care for Air Plants in Australia | Caring for Tillandsias

Caring for Air Plants in Australia

Caring for Air Plants in Australia

Tillandsias are Epiphytic

Air plants (tilandsias) are epiphytic which means that they don’t require soil. They attached themselves to other plants or wood and get the moisture from their surrounding environment. Some tilandsias do have roots but their roots serve only to attach them. The Australian climate is well suited to growing a variety of air plants. Native epiphytic plants to Australia include some ferns and orchid.

Australian Sunlight for Air Plants

Australian sunlight is strong and and most varieties of air plants come from South America and Mexico where sunlight is milder. In Australia air plant thrive in filtered outdoor light. For example, under a pergola, in a courtyard or under translucent polycarbonate roofing. In australia there is so much bright light outside that air plants can thrive indoors near a window.

How to Water Air Plants in Australia

Australian tap water is usually chlorinated. If tap water is used to spray or soak air plants the leaves may become brown at the tips. If using tap water, leave the water out to stand in a bucket or bottle for 24hours. The chlorine will evaporated and the water will be safe to use. Some Australian homes have rainwater tanks. Tillandsias love rainwater. They also love pond water because it contains extra nutrients which can fertilise the air plants. Air plants need to be watered via spray bottle 1-3 times weekly. Once a week in winter, and more regularly in hot summer months. More on watering air plants here.

Marianne Annereau