Mermaid Egg | Circus

Mermaid Egg | Circus


Mermaid eggs are real. Ceramic mermaid egg shells are exquisitely decorative. They are ornamental, precious, fine, collectable items. Admire your handmade ceramic mermaid egg, or use it as a trinket, or jewellery box. Handcrafted in Subiaco, Perth Western Australia.

This mermaid egg is crafted from white porcelain. This gives the egg a fine quality. The inside of the egg contains glass collected from the beach in Brittany France. The exterior is twice printed.

Be intrigued by the beauty of ceramic mermaid egg jewellery boxes.

Size : about the same as an iphone 4.

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About mermaid Eggs

Mermaids lay two or three eggs in each clutch. Their nests are weaved from various types of coloured sea moss and resemble hanging pods. The pods have a small opening where the mermaids take turns to deliver sweet kelp jelly. The jelly is absorbed through the shells of the mermaid eggs and supplies nutrients to the eggs as they develop. At this stage the shells are soft and membrane-like. It is only after the mer babies are born, that the eggshells rise to the surface of the ocean, where they are exposed to air and rapidly harden to form porcelain or stoneware.