Jellyfish: Basquetta

Jellyfish: Basquetta


Handmade ceramic air plant jellyfish by Marianne Annereau, Perth Western Australia.


Basquetta is a freshwater jellyfish. She multiplies from the dots on her main jelly body. The dots are actually baby jellyfish in development. Once they are ready to leave Basquetta’s back she ejects them by flushing them off with pink ink. This conceals her babies’ departure and serves to protect them from predators.

Air plant Species : Tillandsia Caput Medusae

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Air Plant Care

Air plants are part of the succulent family:

  • Hard to kill

  • Addictive

Air plants have no dirt. That is how they are allowed to hang upside down in the planter. They get their nutrients from the air.


  • Water once weekly via spray, dunk or 10min soak. In the winter months water once every 2 weeks.

Where to place your air plant sculpture

  • Shaded area

  • Bathroom (provided there is a window for light)

  • Veranda

  • Window (just inside or outside a window where they can be admired).

  • Between shelves. Drill some holes in your shelving and stagger your books and ornaments with a row of jellyfish air plants.

  • In series - air plant jellyfish look great together, and in odd numbers. Purchase 3, 5, or 7 for an eye catching display.

Ordering without the plant

Included is a florist wire coil to attach your own air plant. Simply corkscrew the coil at the base your air plant and hang up.


Not all jellyfish look the same: sea creatures are handmade and evolve rapidly. Each batch varies slightly. For example, the one you receive may have the slightest difference in shade. It may come with a different species of air plant tentacles than in the photos. That’s because air plants are rare and difficult to source. Rest assured, several air plants get 'tried on' one pot, and the best plant is chosen to house the pot. Not all plants will arrive in flower. Flowering depends on the season. If you would like to be sent a photo of the jellyfish in stock, I would be more than happy to do so.