Choose FIVE sea creatures + box

Choose FIVE sea creatures + box

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Handmade ceramic air plant jellyfish, octopi and squid hanging in a timber frame. By Marianne Annereau, Perth Western Australia.

Irukandji | Box Jellyfish

Jellyfish have no brains. They think inside the box.

Choose five air plant sea creatures

They they will framed in a timber box especially for you. The air plant box is handmade from recycled pallets, charred to give it a rustic look, and sanded back to ‘cool’.

Add the box jellyfish to your cart. A pop-up box will appear where you will tick the sea creatures that will live in your box. Only jellyfish in stock will appear on the list.

With or without air plants:
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Air Plant Care

Air plants are part of the succulent family:

  • Hard to kill

  • Addictive

Air plants have no dirt. That is how they are allowed to hang upside down in the planter. They get their nutrients from the air.


  • Water once weekly via spray. In the winter months water once every 2 weeks. If you forget to water them for a while you can take the whole sea creature, shell and all, and soak it in a water bath for 10-30 minutes.

Where to place your air plant sculpture

  • In a shaded area indoors or outdoors

  • In a room close to a window to allow light