Tillandsia Funkiana

Tillandsia Funkiana


Our size: 10 - 12 cm long. This is a miniature variety, it can grow to clumps of 5cm across.

Foliage: Tillandsia Funkiana foliage radiates from the centre core. Leaves are fine and they look organised. The tips of the foliage, or the top of the plant, may become bright pink at various stages.

Flower: The flower is bright red with slight curls that peel back towards the plant.

When bits break off a Tillandsia Funkiana, if they are one quarter of the size of a decent plant, both bits of the broken plant usually survive and simply keep growing. Unlike other varieties T. Funkiana can produce air plant pups from mid stem, not just the base of the plant.

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Spray with water 1-2 times weekly in winter, 2-4 times weekly in summer. Allow plant leaves to dry between waterings. If local tap water is chlorinated leave water to stand uncovered for 24hrs before using.


Mostly shade. Indoors near a window - some filtered sunlight is ok. Outdoors in 90% shade - avoid direct sunlight. Air plants like air flow because they get their nutrients from the air.

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