Tillandsia Andreana

Tillandsia Andreana


Our size: 9-11 cm

Foliage: T. Andreana has fine light green leaves that grow directly from the base of the plant. The shape of the plant forms a ball.

Flower: Bright red with three petals. The flower sits nested within the leaves.

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Spray with water 1-2 times weekly in winter, 2-4 times weekly in summer. Allow plant leaves to dry between waterings. If local tap water is chlorinated leave water to stand uncovered for 24hrs before using.


Mostly shade. Indoors near a window - some filtered sunlight is ok. Outdoors in 90% shade - avoid direct sunlight. Air plants like air flow because they get their nutrients from the air.

Replacement Guarantee

Don’t have that experience where you buy a plant and it dies soon after. We provide a 30 day guarantee on all our plants. If your plant dies within 30 days of your order we will replace it for free.